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About us

ZHEJIANG SIYUADAN NEW MATERIAL CO.,LTD is located in the warp knitting city of China-MAQIAO Industrial Park, Haining, Zhejiang . It has strategic location and convenient transportation.


Founded in 2002, our company has attracted a large number of professional technical talents and formed a complete set of strict production quality assurance system after several years of stimulating management and vigorous development.


Our company has introduced HKS high-speed warp knitting machines from Germany ((KARL•MAYER) . With advanced equipment, high standards of management techniques, superior instruments and testing environment, and coupled with strict management . Now, our products are mainly used for sportswear, swimwear, inner decorations of autos, toys, shoes, home textiles and so on.to


As an export-oriented company, our products are mainly sold to Southeast Asia, Europe and America.



Zhejiang Siyuanda New Material Co., Ltd.

Add: No. 68 Jingbianshi Rd., Maqiao Street , Haining, Zhejiang, China.
Contact: General Manager Cheng  Tel: +86-573-87805353

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Zhejiang Siyuanda New Material Co., Ltd.
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